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Mighty Malacca

Straits of Malacca

78 Kingsway
Glen Waverley, VIC

As promised in the last post, we had an appointment with The Straits of Malacca back in Kingsway, Glen Waverley. I hadn’t seen a line this long outside a good yum cha place in Chinatown. People (mostly Asian I noticed) were clambering to get in, and not minding the wait. This we had to try. But take our advice. If at all possible, don’t go on the weekend. Lunch during the weekdays is perfect. Preferably not on school holidays. Preferably not at 12pm. So it was that we went on a Friday, during school hours, at about 2.30pm. Very hungry.

The atmosphere was calm and professional. There was a constant, ambient noise of people talking but not so loudly that it disturbed our 6-week baby too much. The smells coming out of the kitchen were divine and we were very glad we came.

I decided to order an entree (Thai-Style Tofu) and a main (Hainanese Chicken). The wife, again, went for the Nasi Lemak.

The highlight came first, really. The tofu was absolutely delicious. Ok, well technically it was the wonderfully sweet and spicy salsa/dressing that went with it since the tofu on its own is essentially tasteless, but it all worked together beautifully. Plenty of fruit, chilli and fish sauce with red onion, lettuce, cucumber and red capsicum. Simply delicious and highly recommended.

I have had Hainanese Chicken before in Singapore, and loved it. But its not for everyone. Oh the flavours are beautiful, but the chicken (essentially poached in a stock) is quite fatty. The chicken is in small pieces dressed with a little light soy. The chili sauce was perfect in it’s heat (at least for me) and the rice was extremely flavoursome, having been cooked in the same chicken broth. The soup was ok, but I honestly couldn’t finish it. It was, without doubt, the “chickeniest” chicken soup I’ve ever had. Probably quite fatty chicken soup too even though it was just a broth. Anyway, if it’s your kind of thing, like it is mine, then by all means try this one.

My wife’s quest for the perfect Nasi Lemak continues – and it will go on continuing. I have to say, from visuals alone, I thought this one looked a lot better than the one we had on the weekend at Petaling Street, but my wife assured me that it sadly wasn’t. The meat was a lot fattier (she’s pickier than me) and tasted as if the rendang sauce was added to it rather than cooked in it. The rice was not coconuty enough. The mackeral was cold and therefore fairly uninviting. The anchovies (known properly as ikan bilis) was nice enough and the sambal was stronger than at Petaling Street, but she definitely rated Petaling Street higher overall.

The signature dish on the menu, as far as I could see, was a Thai fish fillet with spring rolls and fried rice which was wrapped in an omlette. It looked delicious, but a bit much for lunch. Our next visit will see us ordering that one for sure.

So, in summary

Straits of Melacca

Price: $$
Value: Good value
Food: Mostly excellent to very good. Again, will go back for more.
Ambience: Fine. Nice decor, unhurried staff, excellent smells
Service: Very Good

Rating: 11 out of 20.

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